2017, It’s a Wrap!

The year 2017 is over! This year flew by so fast! So many things happened this year that if I were to write about it I would need to start a blog (lol). As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 starts there are three important lessons that 2017 taught me that I want to … Continue reading 2017, It’s a Wrap!


What’s Next???

In the blog post, The Gift of Patience, I mentioned that God was preparing me for the next. So, what is the next? I'll tell you! After a summer of waiting on God, sleeping, relaxing, working out, semi-studying for tests and holistic growth, God decided on July 30th to give me the next and I … Continue reading What’s Next???

I Wish.

I remember as a kid growing up and watching different TV shows and movies where people were granted wishes. I would sit there fascinated by how these wishes were granted. Cinderella had glass slippers and a stunning ball gown to wear to the ball; her wish was granted by her fairy godmother. Little Mermaid wish was to … Continue reading I Wish.


Welcome to This is Elyse! I am so happy that you have found my blog.  My blog is a place where I share the raw unedited version of me.  In life, we always are conforming to society that we miss the beauty of being us. We forget how to be real and unique. This is Elyse, … Continue reading Welcome!